A simple drag and drop online tool suite that makes sense. mozie was designed to ease the pain and expense when creating a web presence - for work or play. So we built a system that allows you to do just that. Upload images & graphics to your Capture galleries, then send them out in a free .pix eCard, create a .pixPro e-mail campaign or build a custom .pixSite. Communicate, express or market yourself however you desire. Connect with friends, share your photo galleries, create a party invite, promote an event - sky's the limit!

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Start right here. This is your photo management system. Upload your pics and organize them into galleries. Add optional keywords and captions for later searches. Capture automatically gives you slideshow and photo page links so you can easily share your photos. Every image you upload will show up in your .pix, .pixPro & .pixSite photo strip so you can drag and drop them into your canvas for e-mailing or building a webpage.

Managing and sharing your photos online. Creating slideshows and photo pages that can be linked to any site.

So, what is a .pix? It's a custom eCard. It's an easy way to say a quick hello, to get a group together or send a formal invite with your personalized touch. Use your own photos or choose from our growing library of unique, cool shots. Add an optional RSVP or Comment Page. Oh yeah, and its FREE! You reach up to 200 people at a time with one .pix.

A quick hello or "thinking of you" message, online invitation or birthday card, or just share your latest, greatest snapshot.

Have an event to promote? or a newsletter to send out? .pixPro is the easy way to send out completely personalized e-mail campaigns. NO TEMPLATES. Custom sized pages designed by you, that feature your own photos, art, graphics and text. An excellent way to reach out to your entire mailing list or family and friends. If you don't know html code or photoshop and need a professional looking newsletter, you're in the right place - include an RSVP or Comment Page too - all in minutes!

Invitations, event reminders, announcements, newsletters and more.

Create a website, for temporary or permanent use - in minutes! Use your own art and pictures to promote an event, showcase photos or just build a personal webpage - as many pages as you want. It's simple, fast, custom made and STILL won't empty your wallet.

a party, an event, temporary or permanent web presence. You can post pictures after the event or take the site down, keep a permanent presence and update whenever you want with photos, art, writings, you name it! Great for family sites too!