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You want a quick, easy web & photo publishing, e-marketing and communications solution. You may have an event or product to promote, a dinner party coming up or you just want to share those vacation photos in a snap.

You want control over your web presence but you don't want a degree in html or photoshop and (most importantly) you don't want to spend a bundle. You're in the right place!

You are, more than likely, a creative career professional, a small business owner or someone looking for the hassle free way to build a webpage or custom e-mail.

Musicians, Actors, Photographers, Entrepreneurs, Marketing Folk, Internet Connoisseurs, Moms & Dads of the Universe...enter the mozie world and see how we can help.

We're the average internet user. We set out to create a product for like-minded people with similar needs.

So we created a system to connect to others in this advanced, technophile world, that doesn't require technical know how at all. The products are so easy, anyone can put them together quickly. We wrote the code so you don't have to.

Drag. Drop. Done.

Our ultimate mission is to house all your "e" & "i" digital needs under one roof. We've got a lot more to show you in the weeks and months ahead. We're working on exciting ways to keep you connected to your friends, family, colleagues, mailing lists and beyond. Connectivity and ease are the goal and there's a whole wide world out there to connect to, so check back frequently to see what's new!